Mexico Lindo y Querido

Mexico Lindo y Querido  is a sentiment that perfectly describes Mexico city. With its beautiful mountains, monumental volcano, and vibrant flowers, Mexico City is kaleidoscopic and soulful. As you walk around, feel the spirit of this ancient city full of European buildings, Mayan and Aztec influences, and of course, the famous Teotihuacán pyramids. Some of the best architecture, shopping, food, and outdoor markets day or night are located here too.  Check out Mexico’s florid graffiti art and textiles while you sip on some fresh juice or have a bite of some street food easily found through out the city. Not only is it safe (contrary to what we heard) the people are friendly and full of advice on some of their favorite local hot spots. Your money goes a long way here, so you will certainly get the best bang for your buck in Mexico City. Meals average 15 USD for two to three people, so take advantage of the peso because you can eat EVERYTHING without the stress on your wallet.

Places to visit:

Casa Luis Barragan: Built 1947-1948

Luis Barragan is arguably one of the most talented architect’s and engineer’s in the world. For this reason, the house of Luis Barragan is a site to explore. As you take a 45 minute tour through his personal home, you will notice how he was a master of color, light and illusion. Even Barragan’s use of volcanic rock from his homeland of Guadalajara works flawlessly with wood finished walls and floors. Moreover, his dominant applications of gold, pink, yellow, and blue combined with and his love for horses, music, art, pottery and religion are an amalgam of perfection. It is a space for viewers like us but understandably for him, intimate and very personal. Book your tickets in advance because tours usually sell out:

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Teotihuacán Pyramids:

If you want to see 80 pyramids, yes 80, we recommend the Teotihuacán Pyramids. See what was erected 800 years before the Aztecs arrived and walk up the Pyramid of the Moon or up 248 steps on the largest of the all the pyramids,  Pyramid of the Sun The best day to visit is everyday but Sundays. Sundays are free for locals, so it tends to be very crowded. Your hotel concierge can easily schedule a driver/all day tour guide which is about $100 USD for two people.

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More places to Visit:

Church of Lady Guadalupe:


Palacio Des Bellas Artes: IMG_4892 IMG_4894
Federal District : Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral


Where to eat:

Pujol: Petrarca 254,  Polanco V Secc, 1156
Mexico City,  D.F; Mexico T. +52(55) 5545 4111

If you haven’t seen this Michelin star rated restaurant featured on Netflix’s Chef’s Table series, we advise watching it before you eat here.  Pujol is ranked number 16 of 50 of the worlds best restaurants and offers an array of culinary delights. From chicatana ants, ant larvae to the 1100+ days (this also changes) old signature molé, pig taco, and a surprise dessert, this seven course meal is a little over 80 USD per person. We also recommend the Tamarindo mezcal drink, which is refreshing, slightly sweet and tangy.


Mexico City is loaded with more  restaurants, bakeries  and  bars literally on every corner, so you will never get hungry or thirsty! Our favorite taco shop which is packed with locals is El Rey del Suadero. It has the best gorditas and tacos in town. We only knew about this place because it was recommended by a local and you know it’s a good sign when the place is packed full of people. Are you hungry yet?


We also recommend Jaso Bakery. Not only do they serve desserts, but also serve dinner too. If you want dessert, you may have to order ahead of time because they usually sell out. IMG_3298

Where We Stayed:

We stayed at a Starwood property,  The W Hotel in the Polanco District. This modern building has an open and (named the living room) oversized colorful faced seats, carpets and lighting. If you want to relax after all that exploring, the hotel has an “Away Spa” which offers massages and body treatments. If you want room service, it’s very affordable compared to most room service fees. We highly recommend breakfast and the chicken soup for dinner. Visit the restaurant curated by Spanish Chef Jose Andres. check it out here:

The hotel is located within walking distance to Lincoln Park, which features an aviary, and various sculptures including Abraham Lincoln and Marlin Luther King. Cross the street again and you will be in the heart of all the bars, shops, and restaurants. Whatever your heart desires I am sure you will find it here.  Looking for art? It’s here too. Wine, books and food can all be found in one shop too! If you walk several blocks north, you will be in the center of all the high-end stores. My point is, everything is within walking distance and safe to walk even at night. We recommend staying in the Polanco district because it is a walk away from everything or short Über ride to most of the places we wanted to visit.


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How did we get here:

We usually don’t offer discounted Business class flights to Mexico City, because fares are reasonably low. Airlines that fly to Mexico City include: AeroMexico, American, and United Airlines. We flew on United from San Francisco and the flight was a quick three-and-half hours. Words of advice: we recommend flying economy to Mexico City but premium economy is perfectly fine too! The only difference between business and economy flights is you get on board first and you may have a little bit more room in a business class seat. This is where you will save even more money when traveling to Mexico City. If you want to fly within Mexico flights are as low as 30 USD.

More photos:

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