Magical Vienna, Austria

The Magic Of Vienna

If we knew that Vienna was as magical as it is, we would have planned more days in this modern, yet historic city.  With only one day in this timeless city, we had a strong sense of what life is like in Vienna.

The Viennese seem to spend a lot of time outdoors, riding their bikes, listening to opera while having picnics in the park, taking advantage of their picture perfect city.  Locals were friendly and offered places to experience.  The energy was young, active and vibrant.  Tuesday night felt like a weekend with streets full of people eating late, walking around, cruising on bikes and simply hanging out.


How we got there?

We offer discounted Business and First class flights to Vienna on all major airlines for up-to 70% off. Savings include airlines such as United, British Airways, Swiss, Austrian, American, Lufthansa and many more. We on the other hand, flew to Vienna from Madrid, on Alitalia Airlines. The flight was short and sweet and worth flying economy. Because you can get around Europe so easily, we recommend flying economy as much possible. The only difference between business and economy flights within Europe are the middle seat partition separates you from the passenger next to you. The seats are exactly the same with average legroom. This is where you will save even more if you are traveling inner-Europe.

Where we stayed:

We stayed at a Starwood property,  The Meridian Hotel. Restored several years ago, this modern hotel felt like an art museum. From varying art displays in the lobby, to sculptured lips next to the elevators, and illuminated back boards in your room, this hotel was fun, colorful and full of life. The Meridien was located within walking distance to everything old and new and conveniently in front of the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wien. Speaking of convenient…for good food and sparkling Champagne, look no further. Le Möet champagne bar is connected to the hotel so, if you want a quiet breakfast or a lively night scene, we highly recommend eating and drinking here. Check out their drinks menu:

The Nacht Markt (Night Market), a food extravaganza, not only featured Vienna’s finest foods but also culinary dishes from around the world.  Although we left the market right before midnight, groups of people were still coming and going.

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What also stood out was how many Gothic churches and pagan statues were within a two mile radius of each other.  The ongoing restoration projects did not obstruct the beauty of these colossal works of art.

Downtown Vienna is the perfect place to shop for a wide variety of high and low end items. While shopping, you wont miss the magnanimous St Stephens Cathedral. First consecrated in 1147 the cathedral stands in the center of this shopping mecca. You may climb the North Tower or book a walking tour to explore the cathedral in its entirety. *Fun fact- St Stephens Cathedral was damaged by fire but with help from the Viennese, it was rebuilt in 7 years.

Overall, we cannot wait to go back to Vienna.

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