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Landmarks & Attractions in Thailand

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Just outside of Chiang Mai is a small craft village called Bo Sang – a haven of handmade paper umbrellas. You can learn the intricate process of making these parasols, most of which are brilliantly decorated made of bamboo struts and sheets of paper from mulberry bark. Experience the process first hand and watch as an artist hand-paints a customized design of your choice. Visitors can also purchase these umbrellas from the village gift shop.. If you happen to be there in January, enjoy the Bor Sang Umbrella Festival, which features a parade led by umbrella-wielding dancers and bicyclists.

“Going out to the movies” suddenly has a whole new meaning in Laem Sak. The Archipelago Cinema is probably the most beautiful open-air floating cinema in the world. Located on a peaceful lagoon in the Strait of Malacca, you can watch a film projected onto a screen that’s set against the horizon. This floating auditorium showcases architectural technique from local fisherman, as it’s built from buoyant pieces of wood bound together with mosquito nets.

In Khong Chiam, you can witness the process of gong-making. Eccentric villages pepper the area between this city and the Phibun Mangsahan Bridge, where houses pride themselves in creating the instrument. Gongs are primarily used in temples and are featured in Thai-music ensembles. Each gong is decorated in great detail to a specific ceremony where it is to be used. You can even purchase a gong of your own – prices range from $11 and go as high as $500, depending on the size.

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