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Landmarks & Attractions in Jordan

‘Ahlan wa sahlan’ and welcome to Jordan. This hamlet of safety in a region with ancient and beguiling monuments to faith and culture. Let My Luxury Flights guide your caravan, here are our favorite landmarks, secreted away in this land of magic and history.

The first stop on your journey should definitely be the ancient Nabataean city of Petra. Locked in time for centuries, Petra was chiseled from the dusky pink sandstone cliffs sometime around the 5th century BCE. Approach to the entryway on camelback. Your caravan will ride through the Siq, a shadowy crevasse that stretches through the desert cliffs. Suddenly, you’ll reach the “cleft in the rock,” where sunlight spills through a sandstone fissure, illuminating the magnificent Al-Khazneh (treasury). The treasury is carved right into the surface of the cliffs and the intricately carved façade. This entrance never fails to stun even the most well-heeled traveler.

Once inside, you’ll be afforded the privilege of seeing El Deir (“The Monastery”) carved from a dome-shaped boulder, Dr. Suess-like marbleized sandstone tombs (Kokhim), the incredible Obelisk Tomb and the Triclinium (to name a few highlights).  Keep in mind that while you tour the ancient city, sweeping views of the awe-inspiring desert landscape are all around you. The Nabataean tradesAmman, Jordanmen, Roman legionnaires, Muslim armies and fervent Crusaders that came before you have made this one of history’s most significant sites.

Head into the Eastern desert to check out the 8th century Umayyad structure, Qusayr Amra. This curvaceous castle-like structure is home to pre-Renaissance frescoes that depict some wild and crazy times (wink, wink). The interior dome displays a painting of the zodiac that is partially visible, and the apodyterium (changing room) is decorated scenes of animals providing musical entertainment.  

Visit St. George’s Church in Madaba to see the incredible Byzantine map of Palestine. This 6th century mosaic was discovered in the mid-1800’s below the Greek Orthodox church that stands on the site today. The map lists all of the biblical sites in the area, providing a key to early holy pilgrimage practices.

There’s a reason T.H. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) was sent to protect this majestic land of sand and wind. Jordan has provided a rest area for travelers on ancient trade routes and a haven for refugees in contemporary times.

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