Flight 001

Before you embark on your next vacation, we recommend stopping by Flight 001 in Berkeley and/or San Francisco.

This charming little shop has all you’ll need to prepare for your launch: from travel packs, to cute baggage tags and more! Consider it your go-to store for unique items that are both fashionable and functional.

Flight 001 card

When you first walk in, you’ll notice the concave shape of the interior is styled after an airplane cabin.

The clean design and well-thought-out layout make this place super shoppable!

With pops of color and shelves that are not overstocked with items, it’s easy to see what you need and grab whatever you forgot to put on your travel list.

Flight 001 offers an array of pantone colored travel literature too, and these little bookies are small enough to conveniently carry around town with while you’re abroad. They also look great on a shelf at home.

We strongly recommend picking up a luggage identifier so you can differentiate your bag in a sea of black at baggage claim – they have some really cute ones here.

An assortment of bag tags with witty messages and clever designs are fun to peruse. Bring a friend and have someone to to share a laugh with you!

Travel-sized toiletry packs make it simple to get all of your last minute, TSA-approved hygienic items in one swoop.

Speaking of necessities, did you remember to get an adaptor? If you plan on charging your phone or using your hairdryer, you’’ need one of those! Flight 001 has adaptors for every part of the globe along with a universal option.

There are plenty of options for stylish luggage as well, including sumptuous vegan “leather” purses and color coordinated baggage sets. They have a nice supply of RIMOWA brand luggage, which is basically bulletproof. Luggage covers are a nice touch too, to avoid snags and rips.

Even if you’re not going anywhere, you can find clever travel-themed home accessories, like luxury site maps, purses, and tabletop globes.

Jet setters take note: do yourself a favor and check out this dream of a supply store!

Visit them here: Flight 001