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Are you looking for cheap international Cathay Pacific Airways tickets? My Luxury Flights can help! Cathay Pacific Airlines offers a wide variety of amenities to make your trip truly luxurious, whether you’re flying business class last minute or planning the trip of a lifetime, we have your back! Cathay Pacific’s excellent and welcoming customer service will make you feel like you never left home.

As a business or first class passenger, enjoy a variety of on-demand entertainment. International business class flights on Cathay Pacific Airways can be long but with their many games, music, and movie options, you’ll be able to pass the time away. Trust us, it goes by quickly.

If instead you feel like taking a nap on the plane, Cathay Pacific Airways business class flights have wide seats and more legroom. You’ll be able to stretch out and get some rest on your long trans-pacific flights with flat bed seat options, adjustable with just a touch of a button.

Cathay Pacific cares about the little details that make your flight feel even more luxurious. For example, they offer printed menus, late night snacks, drinks, desserts and so much more to make sure you feel at ease when traveling.

If you fly trans pacific frequently, they offer a great frequent flier program that helps you save big on Cathay Pacific Airways international airline tickets. Of course, not everyone is a frequent flier but that doesn’t mean you can’t get cheap business class flights on Cathay Pacific Airways. With My Luxury Flights you can get great deals and be treated to top of the line service.

Book your international Cathay Pacific Airways business flights today and we promise you won’t be disappointed with awesome service, and priority treatment.