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There is so much to say about Venice! Once you arrive to this magical Italian city, take the blue line water taxi and enjoy the ride over to the island. You can even opt for their private traditional wooden taxi’s to avoid all the other stops along the way. Getting around by foot or water is no problem at all. As a matter of fact, as you walk the town or get lost, you will find a picture perfect area on every alley, street corner or bridge, and that is no exaggeration!

We recommend staying at any of the hotels situated in front of the water and close to St. Mark’s square, meaning you will only be a path away to the best shopping, food, gondola and canal rides.

We absolutely love the Hotel Danieli and would recommend it to anyone looking for affordable luxury at a convenient location. This beautiful 14th century building with the original wooden floors intact, was once owned by a noble family, eventually turning into a hotel by the 1800’s.

To stimulate your senses on every level, let’s talk about the rooftop terrace restaurant, Terrazza Danieli. Not only is the food incredible, the staff is amazing, and the views are priceless. Be prepared to pay 16 Euros a head before you even start dinner, but know it’s absolutely worth the dining experience. While eating, enjoy live music and world class dining while you take in stunning views of  this dreamy city.

One of our other favorite places to eat is Antica Sacrestia, a restaurant highly recommended by locals. Once seated, you are served spritz con Campari and after dinner, you are given a bag of cookies, to take and enjoy on your night stroll through town. And speaking of food, walk around Venice and grab a bowl of freshly cut fruit, pasta or Venetian street food at Acqua & Mais, also where you will find fried fish, cheese or potato balls. They are to die for! Have a fresh cup of espresso every morning and a chocolate croissant for breakfast at any of the local bakeries.

If you’re in the mood for shopping, St Marks Square is loaded with shops from the notorious Venetian masks, to luxury brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Enjoy the outdoor restaurants and live music in the square. You can even hand feed pigeons, they too are waiting to taste that amazing Venetian food! You can take some of the best panoramic views of the city by walking up St. Marks tower which is open to the public and definitely worth the climb.

Once there, also check out one of the oldest statues of the city. Made of porphyry, this Fourth Century Tetrarch (293 BCE) statue was commissioned by Diocletian, who was Augustus of the Eastern Empire and founder of the tetrarchy (four rulers). This statue depicts all four tetrarchs as equals and  carries deep political meaning and worth a visit.

St Polyeuktos pilasters is also a must see. Why? The Hagios Polyeuktos was an ancient Byzantine church first built around 520 in Constantinople, present day Istanbul. The pilasters were found in the 60’s and then placed here in front of St. Mark’s basilica. How amazing is that?

But Venice isn’t just home to ancient art. The city also holds some of the most significant pieces of art from around the world. Check out Peggy Guggenheim’s collections of Picasso and other famous artist of the 20th century. Visit the Galerria dell’Academia where the famous David statue is housed and admire paintings by the most famous Venetian artist, Titian.

Lastly, don’t forget to take a gondola ride around the famous Grand Canal. It is absolutely worth the experience to see Venice from the sea. You will glide though canals, and see panoramic pictures of this European marvel. On your way there, pick up an authentic mask or art piece (inspired by the stories of Pinocchio) at Bartolucci.

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