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Vancouver, British Columbia, is an outdoor adventurer’s paradise full of places to walk, hike, bike, ski, scuba dive, boat, fish, golf, and more. Basically, you can do just about anything outside on land or water. Locals call Vancouver “The Glass City” to describe its downtown area, which is made of steel and glass buildings. The tall buildings cast reflections against the water and add to its glass-like appearance, hence the name.

Vancouver B.C. isn’t just nature’s paradise. It’s also a booming foodie city. In fact, chef-prepared food tours of farm-to-table options are paired with specially selected wines and beer for your delight. If touring isn’t your thing then we say go to Rodney’s Oyster house because it has some of Vancouver’s best and fastest oyster chuckers. You can eat all the good stuff either at the oyster bar or on one of their two dining floors. Also, visit the Granville market to see where local chefs pick their daily catch or buy some of the freshest B.C. salmon, clams, halibut, and trout to have shipped home.

If looking at all this food makes you hungry, we recommend eating at Bridges restaurant. Not only is it located on the waterfront, this restaurant offers some spectacular views of the city and bridge. Oh, and the Lion’s Gate Bridge in Vancouver was constructed in a suspension-style, very similar to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. This portal of engineering ingenuity is also the pathway to Whistler, which is über famous for some of the best skiing in the world. So take an hour-and-a-half drive to Whistler for a day on the slopes. In summer, you can hike, zip line, or take a gondola ride up the mountains or a helicopter tour to view other hidden lakes and dazzling ice formations.

If you’re back in town, and need a little caffeine, skip your run-of-the-mill chain coffee shop and head to a local one for some world-renowned coffee. We love the coffee at Revolver Coffee House, especially recommending the espresso, its complex flavor and thick texture will warm you to the core.

Take a walk or jog around Stanley Park and take in the bucolic views at every corner. There are also benches everywhere to sit and ponder if a Zen moment is in order. Play a little bocce ball in the park or have a bite to eat at Stanley Park’s restaurant. While you enjoy a cup of Granville Island brewed beer for just seven Loonies (Canadian currency), watch a nooner game at Nat Bailey stadium for some good ole’ minor league baseball and see how true fans root for their team!

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